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MASPAG (Missione Archeologica della Sapienza nella Penisola Arabica a nel Golfo) is a new multidisciplinary archaeological project established by La Sapienza Università di Roma standing on the shoulders of a long tradition of Italian scientific investigations in the Sultanate of Oman.  

Along with our partners – Ministero Esteri, Ministero Oman, ISMEO and CNR – we build the basis of our commitment in both research and dissemination in the exploration, safeguard and promotion of the tangible and intangible heritages of ancient nomad and sedentary cultures from eastern Mediterranean to western Indian ocean.

Together with the scientific investigation, which we will share in the coming weeks, MASPAG embodies the importance of education and scientific dissemination and for this very reason we sailed from the Bronze Age to the Digital Age landing here on social media, willing to accompany you on a journey to discover the archaeology of the ancient Near East!


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First-field-survey-landscape 2

Weekly update 4

Field Survey February saw the start of MASPAG’s first field survey. The aim is to document a hitherto little-studied landscape, identifying its main archaeological features

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Weekly Update 3

Bad weather, good opportunity! After the New Year’s holiday, we found ourselves in Muscat blocked in by heavy rains that pummeled Oman – an event

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Weekly Update 2

During the second week of excavation we reached the bottom of LCG2′ s central corridor, which arrives at a meter and a half wide at

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