Weekly Update 3


Bad weather, good opportunity!

After the New Year’s holiday, we found ourselves in Muscat blocked in by heavy rains that pummeled Oman – an event that even made the news. So, we took the opportunity to continue our work on the archeological materials stored in the ministry.

Eventually, the bad weather subsided and allowed us to return to Daba. And we sailed back to Musandam!

A clay pathway

We began the last week of excavation of LCG2 and we are about to investigate the burials at the edge of the central corridor which are now exposed in entirety. 

It is a clay floor, a sort of pathway. The sides have a series of pits to lay the burials. 

Some of them are covered by slabs, others have been stripped of their covers. We will excavate and document about three of them by the end of the week. And the rest, we will preserve for the next season. 

The main discovery of this season, and which thrilled us the most, is the pathway floor with the burials on the edge. It allows us to understand the original size and early use of the structure, the oldest phase of this imposing funeral monument.


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