Weekly Update 2

Weekly update 2_Daba at the al-Bayah funerary complex-Great news from the field!

During the second week of excavation we reached the bottom of LCG2′ s central corridor, which arrives at a meter and a half wide at the base of the perimetral wall. The main discovery was the identification of a clay floor that allowed the passage inside the tomb without trampling the depositions, made by cutting the floor itself. Thus, the oldest burials of LCG2 start to emerge, and this is great news! 

Progresses and discoveries

Also the excavation of the entrance is now completed, it was defunctionalized and transformed into a burial place. We unearthed the threshold, preceded by some clay bricks that served as a staircase. We highlighted the presence of numerous bronze vases, almost all positioned upside down in a ritual way. They were found on the floor, therefore in the earliest phases of the structure. With these bases, we will continue to investigate the foundation of the grave, continuing to expose the clay floor and associated depositions on both sides.

Laboratory activity

Moreover, we do a lot more laboratory activities, in particular preliminary analyses and documentation on skeletal remains carried out by Flaminia and Lucrezia. The archaeological materials are classified and divided waiting to be sent to the Ministry at the end of the mission. Among the numerous classes of materials, arrowheads are receiving special attention from Valentina, after studying a sample for her master is carrying out a dedicated research on the corpus.

Despite the hard work, the emotions on the excavation are many and continuous!

We are taking a few days off between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, to get back more excited than before to investigate the fantastic Daba at the Bayah funerary complex! 


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