“On December 2nd we came back on the field at the Daba al-Bayah funeral complex, finally we are to our home abroad!”

This year’s excavation activities will focus on x (LCG2 for friends). The goal is to reach the foundation level of the burial by continuing the documentation of the incredible wealth of archaeological and anthropological data. Precisely for this reason, the excavation is conducted with extreme care and calm. Digging even a few dozen of centimeters, a very complex stratification emerges, passing from the collapsed layers of the structure to primary and secondary burials, two votive deposits, to the inclusion of flood layers…. we wonder how many more surprises the sub-soil of LCG2 hides!

In the coming weeks we will keep you updated on all our activities, from the excavation to the laboratory and the study of materials and archaeological documentation techniques, together with our daily confrontation and growth with the culture and the people who welcome us with open arms every year, so do not miss our content


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