Weekly update 4

First-field-survey-landscape 2

Field Survey February saw the start of MASPAG’s first field survey. The aim is to document a hitherto little-studied landscape, identifying its main archaeological features including settlements and necropolises. Located in the governorate of South Batinah, between the provinces of Nakhal, al-Awabi and Wadi al-Ma’awil, the area under investigation is characterized by the relief and […]

Weekly Update 3

Bad weather, good opportunity! After the New Year’s holiday, we found ourselves in Muscat blocked in by heavy rains that pummeled Oman – an event that even made the news. So, we took the opportunity to continue our work on the archeological materials stored in the ministry. Eventually, the bad weather subsided and allowed us […]

Weekly Update 2

During the second week of excavation we reached the bottom of LCG2′ s central corridor, which arrives at a meter and a half wide at the base of the perimetral wall. The main discovery was the identification of a clay floor that allowed the passage inside the tomb without trampling the depositions, made by cutting […]

Weekly Update 1


Finally we found ourselves all in our home away from home, the Sultante of Oman.The first group of the MASPAG team led by Professor Marco Ramazzotti arrived in Muscat and got back the equipment from the warehouses of the Ministry of Heritage and Tourism. Then we left towards the Musandam peninsula, sailing the Gulf of […]



LARGE COLLECTIVE GRAVE 2 “On December 2nd we came back on the field at the Daba al-Bayah funeral complex, finally we are to our home abroad!” This year’s excavation activities will focus on x (LCG2 for friends). The goal is to reach the foundation level of the burial by continuing the documentation of the incredible […]


9 novembre 2021 ore 9.00-11.00Aula di Archeologia, Museo dell’Arte Classica, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia Le attività di ricerca sul campo e di laboratorio della Missione Archeologica della Sapienza nella Penisola Arabica e nel Golfo(MASPAG) PROGRAMMA 9.00-9.15 Presentazione MASPAG 9.15-10.00 Scavi archeologici nella necropoli di Daba, penisola di Musandam 10.00-10.30 Progetti per una ricognizione archeologica […]

New Excavations at
Ras Al-Hamra

In the first years of the new millennium, archaeological research activities were resumed on the promontory of Ras al-Hamra by an international multidisciplinary team (University of Bologna; Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne; French CNRS) under the scientific direction of prof. Tosi. The excavations of the 80s had documented an important settlement of fishermen-gatherers and a vast […]

Necropolis in Daba


The excavation of the necropolis at Daba will be the first focus of our imminent comeback in Oman; we are looking forward to introduce you to the wonders of this incredible place and archaeological context! First off, a brief history of our investigations on the site: The construction works within the Sporting Club of Daba […]

Early Bronze Age Towers


Scattered along the Hajar Mountains, there is a particular type of monuments whose function and purpose animates the academic debate since the first archaeological expeditions in the Oman Peninsula during the ‘70s, the so-called Early Bronze Age Towers. The study of these most intriguing contexts is one of the scientific objectives of MASPAG, and their […]

Congresso: archeologia del paesaggio e geografia storica del Vicino Oriente antico

Informazioni Ti aspettiamo all’Università La Sapienza di Roma dal 5 all’8 Ottobre per ilPrimo Convegno di Archeologia del Paesaggio e Geografia Storica del Vicino Oriente Antico. 5-8 ottobre 2021Città universitaria, Sapienza Università di Roma5 Piazzale Aldo Moro00185 Roma  Per partecipare al convegno iscriviti a questo linkhttps://www.eventbrite.it/e/179392075527Scopri tutte le tematiche che verranno trattate e i relatori che […]